Best price for your gold in MN

Gold prices vary daily. Get the best payout for your gold at Your Exchange!

The price we pay you for your gold depends on:
  • Price of gold today
  • Type of gold (karat)
  • Amount of gold
Gold reached a record near $1900 per ounce. It now averages around $1600 per ounce. Now is the time to sell your gold! You may have missed the peak price but don't let the price drop more! Sell your gold today!

Gold prices are affected by:
  • The economy
  • Value of the dollar
  • Elections
  • Investors
Come into Your Exchange to sell your gold today. Not sure? Come in for a free quote on how much we'll pay for your gold items. Shop around but come to Your Exchange last. We beat the gold price everyone else pays.
Best price for your gold in mpls

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