Sell Your Gold Jewelry for Cash

Take your gold jewelry into Your Exchange and walk out with cash today. We buy all kinds of gold jewelry. Gold watches, watch-bands, pins, bracelets, necklaces, earrings cuff links, charms, pendants and broken gold jewelry.

    Sell your gold jewelry by the karat:
  • 20-24K gold jewelry
  • 18K gold jewelry
  • 14K gold jewelry
  • 12K gold jewelry
  • 10K gold jewelry
  • 9K gold jewelry
  • 8K gold jewelry
    Sell your gold chains:
  • Omega Gold Chains
  • Herringbone Gold Chains
  • Figaro Gold Chains
  • Linked Gold Chains
  • Rope Gold Chains
  • Snake Gold Chains
  • Kinked Gold Chains
  • Broken Gold Chains
    We buy these types of gold jewelry:
  • Gold Watches (based on gold metal value)
  • Gold-filled items jewelry, pins, watch-bands, etc.
  • Gold Bracelets
  • Gold Necklaces
  • Gold Earrings
  • Gold Belly Chains
  • Gold Cuff Links
  • Vintage jewelry
  • Gold Class Rings
  • Gold Charms
  • Gold Pendants
  • Broken gold jewelry
  • Out-of-style
Get cash for your gold jewelry today at Your Exchange!
Sell your gold jewelry

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