Sell Your Unwanted Gold Jewelry for Cash

Your jewelry box may be source for cash today. Many people have broken, old or unwanted gold jewelry lying around. You can bring your unwanted gold jewelry into Your Exchange and exchange it for cash! Selling your old unwanted gold jewelry, you can make make some cash for new jewelry you do want.

We buy these types of unwanted gold jewelry:

  • Gold watches (based on gold metal value)
  • Gold-filled items jewelry, pins, watch-bands, etc.
  • Gold bracelets
  • Gold necklaces
  • Gold earrings
  • Gold belly chains
  • Gold cuff links
  • Gold class rings
  • Gold charms
  • Broken gold jewelry
  • Out-of-style
  • Gold pendants
  • 20-24K gold jewelry
  • 18K gold jewelry
  • 14K gold jewelry
  • 12K gold jewelry
  • 10K gold jewelry
  • 9K gold jewelry
  • 8K gold jewelry
On the clasp or backing of your unwanted gold jewelry, you will find the karat amount stamped. Your Exchange pays cash for gold based on the weight and karat of gold in the jewelry. Your Exchange beats all other local gold dealer prices. Get the most cash for your unwanted gold jewelry today at Your Exchange!

Sell your broken gold jewelry

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